For GPS users who blindly follow the individualized navigation devices (PND), I have five words – be warned and be prepared.  Though technological advances can be truly exciting to experiment with and use, as with most things in our lives, these gadgets require a degree of good, old-fashioned common sense.

We’ve heard a number of reports come out of remote areas of Canada and Alaska where GPS users have been stranded as a result of following the directions received without question.  Apparently, there have been times when roads were covered by snow and cover – which were not detectable by the GPS device – and users were lead into hazardous and life threatening circumstances.  In still other reports, GPS users have found themselves following directions to a road that didn’t exist.  Perhaps it did at one time, but with today’s constantly changing landscape where new roads and streets pop up overnight and others disappear just as quickly, an exact explanation alludes us.  All we are left with is the reality that as reliable as these gps devices can be, they can also go horribly wrong.

For some time now, travelers in Canada have been instructed to always carry area maps in their cars and to double check the instructions received via their GPS systems against these maps.  The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) on Prince Edward Island  in Canada are so concerned about motorists putting too much of their establishment and trust in their GPS devices that they issued traveler advisories.  Among other things they advocate that you take some precautionary and common sense measures before heading out, like inputting the route, and then looking at it to see if it makes sense.  Also, check the route against the paper map, just in case.

The RCMP note that many GPS devices are also programmed to wage the shortest route to a destination.  But shorter isn’t always better, states a Canadian motorist.  “When I first tried it, I was heading to Halifax.  And heading to the boat, it was telling me to take this dirt road and this snow-covered road just to get to the boat,”  This was clearly a misdirection.

That said, there is another news report out of Nevada about a woman being rescued from after being lost for 7.5 weeks.  She and her husband followed GPS directions to a dead end in the Nevada wilderness.  Her husband left to get help, and hasn’t been heard from since.

Remember that a GPS device should aid your own navigational capabilities rather than replace them.  So, don’t place all of your establishment and confidence in technology while on the road.


It is simple to  get lost when driving in interstate and new locations, which wastes time and somtimes even causes accidents if you don’t know the local traffic signs or rules. So, how to prevent this situation. Firstly, you should  carrying a directory in your car, then you would have to pull over and check the map.


Because of the improvements in GPS technology these days are a thing of the past. It is now so simple to use a GPS device in your automobile that you will never go back to using a map directory again. You are now healthy to get a Portable GPS device that will talk the directions to you and also ones that have voice recognition so you can control the menus without have to take your hands of the steering wheel. This is a major improvement in technology and makes the use of a GPS device so much more individual friendly.


A few different companies make GPS devices such as Nuvi and Tom Tom.

These are some of the most favourite currently available. The portable GPS that I have read the most about is called the Nuvi 255. From all of the reviews on forums and other websites this seems to be the most favourite acquirable right now. Many people have left positive reviews on Amazon claiming this device works right out of the box and does not even require any setup or configuration.


There is nothing worse than buying a tech gadget to find that it requires 30 minutes to configure it. Especially when those instructions are difficult and might cause you to get stuck half way through with a semi functioning device. Those days are gone and Nuvi has prefabricated a range of efficient GPS devices that work very well in all locations around North America.


The Nuvi 255 has over 6 millions points of interest already programmed into the device so that you can find nearly any place at all with just a study even if you have never been to that city before. This is very impressive.


The next generation of GPS goggles from Zeal Optics is here!
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TeleNav is one of the largest global location based services/mobile resource management (LBS/MRM) services bourgeois in the world.  TeleNav GPS Navigator is used for both individualized and business purposes, helping individuals make the most of their leisure or work time.  They have recently released statistics on how we use our GPS devices.  The data shows what and how we search, identifies our regular needs, appetites and so much more. 

It’s fun to examine the who, what, why and where of our national GPS usage.  For instance, when it comes to our intake out habits, did you know that pizza is the most searched cuisine in the nation?  Who knew?  Second to our craving for pizza is Chinese food.  You would think that burgers would have been high on this list, but it came in at #3 and was followed by American food in 4th place and finally Mexican cuisine at #5. 

Let’s move on to the nation’s most cost-conscious residents.  When it comes to searching out the ideal gas prices before filling up the tank, it looks like the winners live in Phoenix, AZ.  The folks in San Antonio, TX came in a close second with Cleveland OH, Detroit MI and metropolis FL filling the 3rd, 4th and 5th spots respectively.  Nice going for the nation’s most thrifty residents.

Where in the country do we find our most impatient citizens?  All you need to do is check out the most traffic-plagued and grid-locked cities.  According to the TeleNav data, the majority of GPS device users with real-time traffic information and the option to route around traffic mishaps live in Los Angeles CA.  Not really a surprise, however, most of you were probably thinking New York City, right?.  Surprisingly, the Huge Apple seems to be lagging at #3, and was beat out by Washington DC.  Rounding out the top 5 are Chicago IL as #4 and Atlanta GA is #5 on this list of hurried and impatient drivers.

Our final category covers the four most searched businesses and their locations, hours of operation etc.  If you guessed that #1 on this list is Wal-Mart, you would be correct.  No doubt the people in Phoenix are helping to keep Wal-Mart at #1.  I’m equally as sure that I’ve personally had something to do with keeping Starbucks at a solid #2 on the most searched businesses list.  With Target as #3, Ideal Purchase as #4 and Bank of USA holding at #5, we come to a close.

Remoteness in the wilderness is a special experience. Done right and safely, special memories will be prefabricated for you, your friends, your family, and even your dog (Allie!). But with that remoteness comes risk. If something happens to injure, strand, or threaten your life, you are on your own to handle it. In The Nutnfancy Project (TNP), when we get out…we get out, often many miles away from rescue services, cities, out of cell phone range, and far from roads. Yes I make sure we go prepared but still full abilities to both handle serious medicals and technical extrications are limited by SAWC. Enter the second generation of SPOT GPS Messenger, the “SPOT 2.” It has proven to be a reliable companion in Nutnfancy expeditions at this point and is now an indispensable part of my backcountry preparedness items. I resisted the SPOT 1 version because it was too huge and lacked versatility. The SPOT 2 at 4.2 oz (with 3 AAA lithium batteries) is 30% lighter and smaller. Moreover it features a superior antenna, improved tracking, illuminated buttons, country covers for the “SOS” and “Help/Assist” buttons (preventing accidental use), a custom message function (have fun with that!), and message-sent indication (very nice to have). Yes you will have to subscribe the 0 a year subscription fee that helps pay for the GEOS Emergency Services that will summon a locally-based rescue team to the broadcasting coordinates. That team will determine the ideal way in and out to get to you and just
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Car Repair

Any type of automobile is subject to dents. Accidents have a way of happening, and when it happens to you, it is out of your control. Minor automobile accidents manage to only get dents on the car. Taking your automobile to an auto body repair is time consuming and it can also cost a lot of money. You can save your time and money if you find a way to handle the fixes yourself. Below are some of the different ways to repair automobile dents on your own:

1. Assess the damage. Most dents are either tapped or popped out, provided that there are no creases on the steel and that it is not draped up. By carefully assessing the damage, you can easily spot if there are creases on the steel or if there are ripples in the metal. If the steel is creased or draped up, you are superior off purchasing a new panel. This would be the superior option rather than trying to fix the dent.


Tapping Method. This procedure is usually used to remove dents on massive or flat surfaces such as the hood or trunk of the car. The tools used for this method is a block of wood, an old towel, and a rubber mallet. The size of the wood would depend on the size of the dent and the area you are working with. Ideally, select a block of wood that you can easily grip with one hand. The key to this method is to take your time and when you hit the wood, make sure that you tap the flat surface.

3. Use a common plunger. This is considered to be one of the most effective ways to take out or remove a dent. Apply the plunger on the dent and in a slow and steady manner, depress it until no air remains and you’ve managed to a get a tight seal between the rubber head of the plunger and the steel. For a tighter and more impressive seal, slightly wet the plunger head. Softly pull the dent back out of the panel. For a more stable pull, make sure that you have a solid grasp over the plunger. If tapping the dents away is not an option, this would be a good alternative.

For more complicated and technically challenging automobile dents, it is always a good intent to get the advice of a professional. Seeking the advice of experts ensures that you will do the right method to effectively remove the unsightly dent on your car.

Investigation of NBC4 about EZ Lube. Really interesting. Becareful the next time you go to an auto repair.

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Car Repair

Finding out a reliable and trustworthy vehicle services for your vehicle fixes is very much important. If you own a car, it is imperative to find Automobile Company that can give service to your vehicle apiece time it needs to be fixed. Many people know how to drive car, because the skill of driving a vehicle can be easily though ant acquired through practice. But there is a very tiny population of drivers who know how to take good care of their car. If you do not want to do all the dirty job of maintaining you car, then it is imperative for all vehicle owners to find the right company that they can trust when it comes to repair and maintenance of their car. The cost that you need to pay when it comes to the maintenance and repair of your vehicle depends upon the alteration and how often you use your car.

If you want to solely rely on the expertise of a particular vehicle servicing company, you need to find a company that you can trust. It does not matter how easy the service will be, because it will help you maintain your vehicle in good condition and prolong the life span of your car. Parts of a vehicle are different and apiece one of them is differently priced. This is the reason why you need to maintain your vehicle in order to prolong the lifespan of apiece part inside. Maintaining your vehicle running and extending its lifespan can only be reached if you will find a trusted and knowledgeable vehicle fixes service mechanic. This is an important part that you need to go through as you own a car. You need a regular servicing in order to ensure that your vehicle is always in good shape. Your auto mechanic is always there to see if your vehicle is in good condition. They will look for any potential issues that you vehicle might experience in the future. They will undertake all necessary fixes to make sure that your vehicle is always innocuous and you are also innocuous when driving your car.

The ideal prevention that you can take in order to make sure that your vehicle is always in good shape is regular servicing of all the major system of your vehicle. It should be assessed by professional on a regular basis. All moving parts of your vehicle should be well lubricated to be healthy to prevent any wear and tear. All of these things can extend the life of your vehicle ad maintain the value of your vehicle for a longer period of time.

Standard fixes ad MOT fixes are if great importance for any vehicle whether it is old or new. Automobile repair companies can offer different kinds of services. It is important for a company to make country check for your car. A good company can also offer services like LPG gas coercion services. They can also diagnose if your vehicle is suffering from any electronic problems. It is imperative for a vehicle owner to regularly go for tune up services offered by their servicing company.

You can go for a company that has been suggested by your relatives and friends. You can also find companies that are trusted on the web. Many professional and well established companies have their own website on the web that is why you can contact them using the internet. This is the safest and easiest way to find company that you can trust. It is also important or you to find a company with good insurance policy or warranties for the work that they have performed.

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