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How to Calibrate your Garmin Nuvi

Have you ever had problems with your GPS navigation system especially when you’re inputting your destination and not getting the right input? For example, when you press “O” instead you press the “delete” button or you press “Z” instead you hit the “back” button on the Touchscreen. Then maybe you need to calibrate the Touchscreen on your GPS system, your Nuvi or whatever GPS navigation system product you might have. The product I’m using here is a Garmin Nüvi® 765T. I believe other Garmin GPS systems have the same process calibrating their Touchscreen. To all other GPS systems there are links to their product support printed on the product manual. 



You need to have your Garmin Nuvi turned off. Place the unit in front of you with the touchscreen covering you. Look over to the top left corner is a three way slide switch: Off (left), On (middle), Lock (right). Go ahead and familiarize yourself with the switch. There are two symbols, the one to the right is a pad lock symbol, which is your lock position.


Hold your finger on the middle of the touchscreen. Note the power switch is still on the middle position, this is okay as long as the unit is still off, the screen should be black.


With your finger on the middle of the touchscreen, turn the unit on (slide switch to left) and immediately slide the power switch to the right (Lock position). After this step, you will see the Garmin logo. Continue to hold your finger on the touchscreen for about one minute or so until the calibration screen appears.


Follow the on-screen instructions. Where it states “Press dot,” press them as precise as you can with your finger tips. (Switch is still on the lock position)


When you see on the screen “Calibration complete” touch “OK.” Slide the power button to the middle to unlock the screen (middle position). Congratulations, you have calibrated the touchscreen of your Garmin Nuvi.

Tips & Warnings

It is imperetative that you comprehend all warnings from all GPS products to be adhered. Never under any circumstances, get destracted by the unit, that you input destination, change settings or access GPS functions while driving. Always be aware of all driving conditions.



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